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Wilson weBoost EQO 473120 Cell Phone Booster

Wilson Electronics has announced a new cell phone booster that is quick and easy to install. This window mount kit installs in minutes and for many people can solve the nagging problem of weak cell signal in a room in their home or apartment.

Wilson weBoost EQO Cell Phone Booster

The weBoost EQO (473120) (pronounced as echo) address one of the main issues that individuals in apartments, condos and other rental property have to deal with; antenna installation.  When installing a cell signal booster to improve the quality and strength of cell signals in a room, both interior and exterior antennas need to be installed for most systems.  The weBoost EQO helps to remove this issue with their new product design.

weBoost EQO 473120 Cell Phone Booster

The weBoost EQO has two basic components.  The first component contains the cell phone booster and the antenna that communicates with the cell phone tower.  This component is placed in a window that has some usable cell signal.  The second component is the broadcast antenna that is placed in the interior of the room on a end table, shelf, etc.  These two components are connected by a very thin coax cable that can easily be run under a rug, behind a couch, etc.  Both components have a modern design that should fit into most homes.

So now if your cell signal stinks in your home or small work area you have a very simple option to rectify the problem.  The weBoost EQO is scheduled to be released late March or early April, 2016.  You can contact Powerful Signal at 866-912-3444 for more information on this product.

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