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Wilson SignalBoost Portable Universal Kit: Signal is Power


Heading to Moab, UT for the weekend, I knew I needed to take a signal booster because of the incredible amount of dead spots on the way, especially on the I-70 route. You just never know when there is going to be an emergency so having the Wilson SignalBoost Portable Universal Kit was necessary and supplied by Powerful Signal to test out the area. Thankfully, I didn’t have an emergency. However, I was heading there to see my friend Cody Larsen who just got transferred to Moab from North Dakota for his Oilfield job at Western Exploration & Road Construction Inc (WERC). I showed him the booster, and he was very familiar with it.

He said that all of his company WERC trucks had a set because North Dakota had terrible cell phone service. He proceeded to say “It is cool how they work. I will be out in the middle of a no-service area, and I will set up the signal booster and just like that, I have not only service but many times 4G service. All of the crew trucks have Wilson boosters.” His roommate, another WERC oilfield worker tuned in on our conversation and said that the Wilson boosters were incredibly useful particularly when there is a reason for them to call out and get some help out in an area due to a problem. I told Cody that I had not tried out this exact booster, and he said that out at their rig, they have little to no service and he would take me out to location to test its capabilities.

Therefore, we headed out to the secluded area, and I watched as my cell signal faded into the great unknown, well sort of. After he showed me around the rig, we pulled out the booster kit in its useful soft carry case with multiple pockets to supply room to hold all the cords and parts and hooked it up. It was super easy to put together by connecting a vehicle power supply (cigarette power supply) to the amplifier and plugged into the vehicle receptacle. We positioned the outer antenna on his truck hood and held the inner antenna against the back of his phone, and we watched as the service went from zero to a few bars. He then made a call to show me how it called out. I was quite surprised with the results and knew this was a must have for anybody who is out of service often.  The universal booster Kit has great reviews from other people in similar job fields as Cody including one from a recent purchaser named Russ in Liberia, West Africa at Mercy Ships Company. He explained his experience:

I wanted to let you know that it is working brilliantly. The teams work over an hour away from the capital Monrovia doing construction projects, including a clinic, Latrine building and fresh water well drilling. As Liberia is coming out of a 14 year civil war there is still potential for civil unrest, so to guarantee the safety of our teams it is paramount that they can get a cell phone signal and your product is helping us do that which keeps are team safe and contactable at all times.

Russ also sent a picture that shows them using the signal booster at the work site featured below.  They were very satisfied with the results of the booster as many other reviewers. This kit works well in a vehicle as in the examples but can also be used desktop at home or office where there is low service. I am actually quite surprised with the amount of my friends that say they don’t have good service at home. This is exactly what they need and worth every dollar. For at home use, the 12” antenna comes with 10” of coax or cord and can be mounted on a nearby window using the supplied suction cup mount. The other antenna attaches to the cell phone just like with vehicle use.


This kit is priced very low and the kit is easy to set up. The one downfall that pertained to the Wilson SignalBoost Portable Universal Kit is that the inner, ultra-thin antenna requires a physical connection to the cell phone and must be held against the phone using Velcro or holding it, which is a little inconvenient but worth it for the low price. Other signal booster options are available where the antenna doesn’t need to be placed against the phone but just inside the car for just a little extra cash. To view the portable universal kit or other signal boosters, check out Powerful Signal.

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