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Wilson 803470 Quint 4G Cell Signal Booster

The Wilson 803470 4G Quint is here.  This cell signal booster is designed for homes or small businesses that need a complete array of stronger cell signals brought into their building.  The Wilson Quint can amplify and broadcast 4 bands simultaneously:

  • Cellular 800 MHz
  • PCS 1900MHz
  • 4G AWS
  • 4G Verizon or 4G AT&T

The Wilson Quint comes with both 4G Verizon and 4G AT&T, but only one can be selected.  There is an LED panel that lets you select Verizon or AT&T 4G.  Also set via the LED panel is the gain for each of the bands.  Error indicator lights are also on the front of the amplifier so error conditions can easily be detected.

This new 4G booster from Wilson is an excellent choice for both home and small office.  Now you can boost with a single amplifier 2G, 3G, and 4G cell signals for your building.  The Quint is a 75dB gain amplifier so it should cover most homes with a single interior antenna.  Powerful Signal has put together a  Wilson Quint 4G 803470 AG Pro Booster System that has everything needed for a single antenna system.  The system includes:

  • Wilson 803470 Quint 4G Booster
  • Choice of exterior antennas (directional or omni)
  • Choice of interior antennas (dome or panel)
  • 30′ 400 coax cable
  • 50′ 400 coax cable
Wilson 803470 Quint 4G Booster Kit

Complete 4G Cell Signal Booster Kit

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