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weBoost Now Shipping

weBoost Drive 4G-SThe new weBoost cell signal boosters are now shipping from authorized weBoost dealers such as and  Wilson who changed their name to weBoost in January, 2015 has redesigned their entire product line under the weBoost logo.

There are three major categories of weBoost cell signal booster products; Drive for mobile boosters, Home for smaller residential boosters, and Connect for larger cell signal boosters used in larger homes and small business.  weBoost product from all three categories started shipping February 4 to authorized weBoost dealers.

weBoost is also restructuring their dealer channel.  They are reducing the number of distributors and dealers and elevating the requirements and standards for distributors and dealers to become authorized.  This is seen as a positive move by most of the major weBoost resellers.  Wilson had entirely too many dealers and many were seen as fly-by-night operations that damaged the brand of the product.

Check out the new weBoost products at one of weBoost’s largest authorized dealers and one of the first to receive the new product line.

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