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weBoost Home MultiRoom Cell Signal Booster Kit 470144

Wilson Electronics has recently come out with a new consumer cell signal booster product line. The weBoost Home MultiRoom 470144 has been designed for small homes or work spaces. It replaces the weBoost Connect 4G (470103).

I would consider the new weBoost Home MultiRoom a complete redesign. Almost everything has been upgraded. Below are some of the features of the the system.

RG6 Coax: This is the same type of coax (with F connectors) that is used in the old system.

Booster: There are a lot of improvements here. The casing material is much more durable. The booster can be mounted on a wall with command strips instead of screws. There are also rubber feet that allow the booster to be laid down on a flat surface. One nice feature is the connector placement. Both the input and output, are on the top of the amplifier making it easier to run coax up into the attic when the booster is mounted on the wall.

weBoost 4G Home MultiRoom Booster

weBoost 4G Home MultiRoom Booster

Indoor Panel Antenna: There is a big change here. The old system had a conventional panel that mounted on the wall with screws. The new Home MultiRoom has a very versatile panel that mounts on a wall with command strips or the handy kickstand can be used to place the panel on a flat surface like an end table or shelf.

Wilson 314440 Indoor Panel Antenna

Wilson 314440 Indoor Panel Antenna

Outdoor Directional Antenna: There are slight changes here. The shape of the directional LPDA antenna has been changed with a more modern look. The mount has also been changed making it easier to mount the antenna on a pipe.

Wilson 314445 Outdoor Directional Antenna

Wilson 314445 Outdoor Directional Antenna

Performance: Wilson has improved the performance on this new Home MultiRoom Kit. The improved uplink allows the system to communicate with more distant cell towers.

Coverage: The Home MultiRoom is a system that is designed to cover a few rooms in a home. If you need coverage for a large home then you need to look at the weBoost Home Complete system.

Summary: Wilson Electronics did a great job with this kit. It far surpasses the previous Connect 4G kit in performance, looks, and implementation. The nice thing is that the price has not changed. The weBoost Home MultiRoom sells for $550.

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