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Goal Zero Yeti 150 Power Pack is the Perfect Camping Companion

Many of us don’t want to leave our comforts behind when we go camping.  There is plenty of space in the trunk of the car or back of the pickup truck so why not take a few comforts with us.  The Goal Zero Yeti 150 along with a Trek 28 Solar panel is just the […]

Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Portable Off Grid Kit

Non of us can deny the fact that “Power is Important”.  We can barely exist without it in this modern world.  Times are such that we should not take it for granted like with have in the past.  During my entire life I have always been able to rely upon the light switch or wall […]

Goal Zero Venture 30 Recharger

I have a Samsung Note 5 which I love dearly and which I use constantly.  Due to the size of the new smartphone screens I find myself using my Note 5 for almost everything when away from my desktop PC.  My Samsung 8″ tablet is collecting a great deal of dust.  This said, my power […]

Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Kit Review

Every now and then you come across a nice, practical kit that can be used in multiple environments for different reasons.  The Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Kit from Powerful Products is one of those kits and the best thing is that it is being offered at a great price.  This kit can be used […]

Yeti 150 Escape Solar Kit from Powerful Products

The “Yeti 150 Escape Solar Kit” from Powerful Products is right on target.  This coast effective kit has all the right stuff, a Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable power pack and a Goal Zero Escape 30 Solar Panel, and last but not least, a great price. The Yeti 150 Power Pack The Yeti 150 is […]

“What Women Want” Expo: Powerful Products

What do women want? That is the question. Well, if people want to know, they can go to the “What Women Want” expo located in St. George, UT twice a year at the Dixie Convention Center. About 12,000 people flock to this event— mostly women. The expo features booths selling products from makeup, jewelry, and […]

Survival Backpack with Solar Cell Phone Charger: Preparing for an Emergency or an Adventure

Ever just want to venture off on your own “man vs. wild” voyage? Well in order to do such a trip without your own personal camera crew to make sure you are in fact safe, you should probably have the right gear. A good starter would be the Survival Backpack by Powerful Products. This is […]

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator:

                          You know the phrase, “I spoke too soon” well that is exactly what I did. I said that the Sherpa 50 was perfect except it didn’t have more than one port for USB…well guess what? That is what the Goal Zero Yeti […]

Top Signal 55 Portable Booster – Goal Zero Sherpa 50: May The Power Be With You

In this modern day, people seldom travel without all the technical devices they own including cameras, tablets, laptops, our precious smartphones, and an array of other options. However, these portals to the social world are only as effective as the signal and battery life they carry. Recently, I got my Top Signal 55 Portable Booster […]

Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator

Goal Zero has just released a new member to their Yeti family, the Goal Zero Yeti 150.  This is a great go-anywhere power source (150 watt hours) that can be used to charge/run laptops, tablets, cellphones, satellite phones, lights, or any other small to medium electronics device. The Goal Zero Yeti 150 has a complete […]

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