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Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Portable Off Grid Kit

Non of us can deny the fact that “Power is Important”.  We can barely exist without it in this modern world.  Times are such that we should not take it for granted like with have in the past.  During my entire life I have always been able to rely upon the light switch or wall […]

BareBones Forest Light: A Modern Lantern

This item is well known for having an untraceable inventor because it has been so widely used in history. From China to Greece or Rome, this item debuted its ability to light up the world. It may have started with placing a flaming object in a device to give it mobility and protect the light […]

“What Women Want” Expo: Powerful Products

What do women want? That is the question. Well, if people want to know, they can go to the “What Women Want” expo located in St. George, UT twice a year at the Dixie Convention Center. About 12,000 people flock to this event— mostly women. The expo features booths selling products from makeup, jewelry, and […]

Wise Food Prepper Pack: The Wisest of Them All

When I hear the words “freeze dried food”, my first reaction is “disgusting!” this is probably due to my childhood memories of camping and eating a freeze dried meal, which I am pretty sure was borderline edible. My dad would then say “If this was an emergency situation, you would not be complaining” and my […]

BareBones Safari Tent – Hands on Review

If you are looking for a wall tent then you need to read this.  Your quest is over. Yesterday, Friday (8/23/2013) we received our BareBones Safari Wall Tent.  I had been waiting for this to arrive to see what a 12 x 10 $2,000 tent really looked like.  It arrived in 4 boxes, 1) Tent-71lbs, […]

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