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Goal Zero Mini Lantern and Light-A-Life Mini

Goal Zero has come out with a couple of great items.  At first I thought that the new Goal Zero Mini Lantern and Light-A-Life Mini were only going to be for backpackers, however, I don’t think that is the case.  The more I use and play with these items I believe that they have a […]

Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Portable Off Grid Kit

Non of us can deny the fact that “Power is Important”.  We can barely exist without it in this modern world.  Times are such that we should not take it for granted like with have in the past.  During my entire life I have always been able to rely upon the light switch or wall […]

New Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Off-Grid Kit from PowerfulProducts

We all hear about the disasters,  emergencies and evacuation situations around the country and many of us have been there, right in the middle.  Emergency power and light are two of the basics that are usually needed in emergency situations. has come out with a real winner with their new Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Off-Grid Kit.  […]

Yeti 150 Escape Solar Kit from Powerful Products

The “Yeti 150 Escape Solar Kit” from Powerful Products is right on target.  This coast effective kit has all the right stuff, a Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable power pack and a Goal Zero Escape 30 Solar Panel, and last but not least, a great price. The Yeti 150 Power Pack The Yeti 150 is […]

Emergency Preparedness Series: Long Term

While people are keen to the idea of emergency preparedness and recognize it’s importance, many only plan for a couple weeks. It is important to plan for an evacuation as with part 1 of the series and that at-home short-term disaster, but what about long term? What if you lose your job and the economy […]

Emergency Preparedness Series: Trapped At Home

Last week, I mentioned a three part Series to emergency planning. I focused the first part on evacuation during natural disasters or any type of sudden reason to leave and have the essentials needed. The Philippines was destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan killing thousands, injuring many more and chasing people out of their homes. These types […]

Emergency Preparedness Series: Evacuation

  With the uncertainty of what types of emergencies can erupt at any time, preparation is key. Luckily, emergency essentials have become more easily available. This is because people realize the importance of being equipped and ready for any possible situation that could occur. People are finally past the idea that only doomsday preppers have […]

Goal Zero Lighthouse Lantern: The Old vs. the New

Goal Zero is known for their high quality products, but I think they have outdone themselves this time! They just came out with a new Lighthouse 250 LED Lantern to replace their current Lighthouse lantern. The current lantern is an exceptional light. It contains all the necessities for a survival or camping light. Shaped as […]

BareBones Forest Light: A Modern Lantern

This item is well known for having an untraceable inventor because it has been so widely used in history. From China to Greece or Rome, this item debuted its ability to light up the world. It may have started with placing a flaming object in a device to give it mobility and protect the light […]

“What Women Want” Expo: Powerful Products

What do women want? That is the question. Well, if people want to know, they can go to the “What Women Want” expo located in St. George, UT twice a year at the Dixie Convention Center. About 12,000 people flock to this event— mostly women. The expo features booths selling products from makeup, jewelry, and […]

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