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6 Reasons why the new iPhone X and Samsung Note 8 Will Drop Calls

You just purchased one of the newest marvels of modern technology, the iPhone X or a Samsung Note 8. You probably have waited patiently for the moment you could peel back the gorgeous packaging and lift your new device from its cradle to hold and cherish. Becoming the owner of the latest new smartphone is fun […]

weBoost – Wilson Electronics Changes Their Name

Things are changing in the cell signal booster world.  On January 6th, Wilson Electronics changed their name to weBoost and announced a new look for their products.  The Wilson Electronics blue is being replaced by black and gray colors.  weBoost cell signal booster kit part numbers are changing and several weBoost products are getting a […]

Is Your Phone Secure? Update

On the 11th June 2014, [] published an article of mine about cell phone security and what you can do to protect yourself and your family from hardware and cell phone data theft. [] This article arose because of reports that cell and smart phone users are facing increasing problems as an epidemic of thefts […]

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