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Just Released weBoost Drive Sleek 470135 Cell Signal Booster

Strong Cell Signal in Your Car Wilson Electronics in St George, Utah just released their new in-vehicle cell phone signal booster that boost cell signal in your car while driving. Basically it is out with the old and in with the new. The new weBoost Sleek 470135 is a significant upgrade to the existing Sleek. […]

weBoost Now Shipping

The new weBoost cell signal boosters are now shipping from authorized weBoost dealers such as and  Wilson who changed their name to weBoost in January, 2015 has redesigned their entire product line under the weBoost logo. There are three major categories of weBoost cell signal booster products; Drive for mobile boosters, Home for […]

Advanced In-Car Technologies Announced by Apple & Google – But Do They Need A Boost?

A Good Signal is the Key to Effective Mobile Data – Now & In the Future Recently, we’ve seen a spate of announcements about advanced in-car systems. And it’s all exciting stuff. Google showed off their latest driverless car. Apple released information about their updated CarPlay system at the Geneva International Motor Show. And several motor manufacturers and […]

Cellphone Bars? Battery? … or … Both?!

What’s Eating Your Smart Phone’s Battery Life? And what can you do about it US smart phone case maker mophie of Kalamazoo, MI recently conducted a survey in England asking people for their reaction to the possibility that their phone might run out of battery charge. The results made headlines all over the British press: […]

New FCC Regulations in Effect – It’s May 1st

New FCC regulations governing the use of Cell Boosters are in effect! Do I have to worry about this? Not really… Unless you’re thinking of buying a new Cell Signal Booster – in which case, read on… As we reported in our Blog on March 22nd [], the FCC has decided to implement changes to […]

Wilson SignalBoost Portable Universal Kit: Signal is Power

Heading to Moab, UT for the weekend, I knew I needed to take a signal booster because of the incredible amount of dead spots on the way, especially on the I-70 route. You just never know when there is going to be an emergency so having the Wilson SignalBoost Portable Universal Kit was necessary and […]

Top Signal 55 Portable Booster – Goal Zero Sherpa 50: May The Power Be With You

In this modern day, people seldom travel without all the technical devices they own including cameras, tablets, laptops, our precious smartphones, and an array of other options. However, these portals to the social world are only as effective as the signal and battery life they carry. Recently, I got my Top Signal 55 Portable Booster […]

Wilson Signalboost 811210 Cell Phone Booster

There has been a many mobile cell phone booster products released in the past few years, the Wilson Sleek, the Wilson Mobile Pro, Cellphone-Mate CM2000-40 V3, Top Signal 55, and may others from various other manufactures. One product that has stood the test of time and performance is the Wilson 811210 Signalboost.  The Wilson 811210 dual-band (800/1900MHz) is […]

iPhone Cell Signal Booster – Wilson Sleek 815326

The Wilson Sleek 815326 boosts cell signals to give you a stronger voice and data signal helping to reduce dropped calls.  A stronger data signal not only helps you stay connected, but a stronger cell signal helps improve data transmit speeds. The AT&T Sleek is Wilson Electronic’s 3rd version of the Sleek.  Earlier this year they came […]

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