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Top Rated SolidRF Signal Plus Home/Office 2 Antenna Cell Signal Booster

Rarely does a home cell phone signal booster kit come along with the right price, right performance, and the right configuration. The SolidRF Signal Plus hits all three of these marks. The balance between price, performance, and configuration is perfect for a home owner or small office that needs improvement with their cell signal, but […]

weBoost Home MultiRoom Cell Signal Booster Kit 470144

Wilson Electronics has recently come out with a new consumer cell signal booster product line. The weBoost Home MultiRoom 470144 has been designed for small homes or work spaces. It replaces the weBoost Connect 4G (470103). I would consider the new weBoost Home MultiRoom a complete redesign. Almost everything has been upgraded. Below are some […]

New Information Site:

A new information website is available about cell signal boosters. This new website,, has information available on how to improve your cellular reception in a home, office, or vehicle. It also addresses consumer and commercial systems. Various cell signal booster manufacturers are showcased and discussed including weBoost, Wilson Pro, and HiBoost. Various models for […]

What are the basic steps to install a home cell signal booster?

Home cell phone signal boosters are becoming more popular because of the information we are demanding from our cellular devices. Text and email messages have always been important, but now live streaming video and music are commonly used, which puts more demand upon the strength and quality of our cell signal. If you are not […]

6 Reasons why the new iPhone X and Samsung Note 8 Will Drop Calls

You just purchased one of the newest marvels of modern technology, the iPhone X or a Samsung Note 8. You probably have waited patiently for the moment you could peel back the gorgeous packaging and lift your new device from its cradle to hold and cherish. Becoming the owner of the latest new smartphone is fun […]

Just Released weBoost Drive Sleek 470135 Cell Signal Booster

Strong Cell Signal in Your Car Wilson Electronics in St George, Utah just released their new in-vehicle cell phone signal booster that boost cell signal in your car while driving. Basically it is out with the old and in with the new. The new weBoost Sleek 470135 is a significant upgrade to the existing Sleek. […]

The Most Popular weBoost Home Cell Signal Boosters

We all have a very strong dependency on our cell phone.  We not only communicate with our friends and family, but it is the source of staying connected to the world around us.  Our connectivity requirements have no geographical boundaries.  We have little tolerance for dropped calls or limited access to the information that drives […]

Wilson weBoost EQO 473120 Cell Phone Booster

Wilson Electronics has announced a new cell phone booster that is quick and easy to install. This window mount kit installs in minutes and for many people can solve the nagging problem of weak cell signal in a room in their home or apartment. The weBoost EQO (473120) (pronounced as echo) address one of the main […]

Top Signal 4G Home Cell Signal Booster Kit

4G cell signal is very important.  We run our digital lives on 4G.  If you don’t believe me, then just set your cell phone in the drawer and forget about it for a day.  In your home, at work, or anywhere, 4G is a must for most of us.  Now, if your home 4G is […]

weBoost Now Shipping

The new weBoost cell signal boosters are now shipping from authorized weBoost dealers such as and  Wilson who changed their name to weBoost in January, 2015 has redesigned their entire product line under the weBoost logo. There are three major categories of weBoost cell signal booster products; Drive for mobile boosters, Home for […]

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