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weBoost Home MultiRoom Cell Signal Booster Kit 470144

Wilson Electronics has recently come out with a new consumer cell signal booster product line. The weBoost Home MultiRoom 470144 has been designed for small homes or work spaces. It replaces the weBoost Connect 4G (470103). I would consider the new weBoost Home MultiRoom a complete redesign. Almost everything has been upgraded. Below are some […]

The Most Popular weBoost Home Cell Signal Boosters

We all have a very strong dependency on our cell phone.  We not only communicate with our friends and family, but it is the source of staying connected to the world around us.  Our connectivity requirements have no geographical boundaries.  We have little tolerance for dropped calls or limited access to the information that drives […]

weBoost Now Shipping

The new weBoost cell signal boosters are now shipping from authorized weBoost dealers such as and  Wilson who changed their name to weBoost in January, 2015 has redesigned their entire product line under the weBoost logo. There are three major categories of weBoost cell signal booster products; Drive for mobile boosters, Home for […]

weBoost – Wilson Electronics Changes Their Name

Things are changing in the cell signal booster world.  On January 6th, Wilson Electronics changed their name to weBoost and announced a new look for their products.  The Wilson Electronics blue is being replaced by black and gray colors.  weBoost cell signal booster kit part numbers are changing and several weBoost products are getting a […]

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