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SureCall CM5000 Force 5 Cell Phone Booster by Cellphone-Mate


SureCall CM5000 Force-5 Cell Phone Booster Kit

SureCall CM5000 Force-5 Cell Phone Booster Kit


What is a SureCall CM5000 Force-5 Cell Phone Booster?

The SureCall CM5000 Force-5 is a cell signal booster that boosts and improves both voice and 2G, 3G, and 4G data.  It contains 5-bands for all the major carriers in a single box.  The five bands are:

  1. Cellular 800MHz
  2. PCS 1900MHz
  3. AWS 1700/2100MHz
  4. Verizon LTE
  5. AT&T LTE

Up until Q4 of 2012, you had to mix and match multiple cellular amplifiers in order to cover these 5 major bands.  This was a very expensive and complicated thing to do.  Cellphone-Mate was the first cellular amplifier company to do this.

What is the big deal about having a cell signal booster with all 5 bands?

Commercial properties, businesses, and other large facilities that have weak in-building cell signals and deal with the public need to have good cell signal coverage for everyone, not just a carrier or two.  Up until the SureCall Force-5, this was not an easy thing to do.  Now one system with a single amplifier can take care of all the major carrier frequencies used in the US and Canada.

That’s a big deal.

How much coverage will a SureCall CM5000 Force-5 provide?

The SureCall Force-5 is an 80dB booster.  This is a considerable amount of power, but there are many variables that determine the amount of coverage it will provide.  One of the main variables is the signal strength outside the building.  The stronger the outside usable signal, the more broadcast distance each interior antenna can achieve.  Frequency is also another major factor.  Lower frequencies such as LTE  (700MHz) and cellular (800MHz) carry much farther than the higher frequencies PCS (1900MHz) and AWS (2100MHz).  For example, 800MHz signal will broadcast almost twice as far as 1900MHz signal.  There is also concrete and steel walls and other obstacles that get in the way.  But as a rule of thumb, under ordinary conditions, a SureCall Force-5 configured with 4 antennas in a fairly open area should be able to cover about 40,000 sf.  In a wide open warehouse with no obstructions inside and strong signal outside, it might be possible to get near 50,000 square feet.

The bottom line is that without someone to design and calculate the system, there is no single accurate way to say.  It is best to have an experienced company like Powerful Signal ( design and calculate the expected results of a cellular amplifier system of this type.

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