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Portable Fridge-Freezer by Max Burton

We all have used coolers full of ice.  They are heavy, leaky, slosh around, etc.  Then we have to replenish the ice to keep everything cold.  What would it be like if we had a cooler or freezer without the hassle of ice.

Max Burton 30 quart fridge/freezerMax Burton has come out with a 12V unit that you can digitally set the temperature from -7 degrees F to +53 degrees F.  That means the same unit can be a freezer or a fridge.  There are two models carried by Powerful Products, one a 30 quart, the other a 52 quart.

Multiple Power Options

The beauty of this fridge/freezer is that they can be run from a 12V car adapter, a wall plug, or even an 80 watt solar panel.  The unit is thermostatic controlled so it does not stay on constantly like other units on the market.  This allows the Max Burton to conserve on power giving you the opportunity to run the fridge/freezer from a portable battery pack like the Goal Zero Yeti 400 or the Solar Link 240.

Use a Solar Panel

We tested the 30 quart model with a 80 watt solar panel.  The 80 watt Quick Set Solar Panel we used came with a 12V female adapter that worked perfect with the Max Burton 30 quart fridge/freezer.  With decent sun, the 80 watt panel kept the fridge freezer going without any battery pack.  This type of performance allows you to hang out at the beach all day with cold or frozen items as long as you have sun and a 80 watt solar panel.  If you are in an area with marginal sun, you might want to consider a 120 watt solar panel.

Other Features

Another couple of great features of this Max Burton fridge/freezer is that the lid will open from the front or the back allowing the unit to be easily positioned in a vehicle.  The lid also is totally removable allowing easy access to the contents and easy cleaning.

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