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Polaris eBikes – Ride with the Wind

I recently road a Polaris eBike.  I did not expect what happened.  I road a Polaris AAPEX EV504.  For the most part it looked like a regular bike with a few differences, but that is where it all stopped.  Out in front of my office is a hill so I decided to ride to the bottom and come back up, maybe a quarter mile total.  I figured I would meander down the hill and then see what this thing would do coming up the hill.  That is not what happened.  It was the second pedal rotation leaving the parking lot where 750 watt motor decided to kick in.  You can feel the power of this machine with every pedal.  The first time you experience pedal assist technology it is strange, but very addicting.  You just want more power.  I found myself blowing down the hill running through the gears.

Polaris eBike EV504

What a Rush

When I got to bottom, in record time I might say, I stopped and took a breath.  WOW.  I pointed up the hill and then ran through all the gears (only eight) and flew up to the top of the hill.  The harder I peddled, the more power the AAPEX EV504 gave me.  Every time I shifted gears you could feel the power being delivered to the rear wheel.  It knows what gear you’re in and based on the gear, your peddling, and the computer setting, it knows how much power to give you.  What a rush.  You still get a workout, just more intense and in a different way.

Polaris – Ground up Design

Polaris has built their eBikes from the ground up.  They did not take an existing bike and add a battery system to it, they created a brand new bike with everything in the right place.  The lithium ion battery is built into the frame to keep the center of gravity right.  The 750 watt motor in the rear hub is bigger than most other ebikes where you might see 400 or 500 watt motors and the T-6 alloy frame has a lifetime warranty.  The list goes on.

Take a look at the Polaris eBikes and you will be surprised.  Ride a Polaris eBike and you will be amazed!

Polaris ebike EV504

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