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Is Your Hotel or Leisure Facility Well Connected?

Guests expect fast and reliable Cellphone & Internet Connectivity.

Are you delivering?

Over the years, my work has taken me all over the world. Consequently, I’ve stayed in a lot of hotels. Large hotels. Small hotels. Everything from the simple bed-and-breakfast to the multinational five-star chain. And there’s one thing all these facilities now have in common: whereas in the past, a reliable mobile phone and internet connection was a nice to have; today it’s an essential. If your guests can’t easily make calls or get on-line in their room, you’ve lost their business.

To paraphrase Arnie the Governator: “They’ll not be back.”


Golf Course


Is your facility still a bit mid-2000s? (Technically speaking)

I’ve just returned from a short trip where I stayed in a large, five-star resort hotel with golf course belonging to a well-known international chain. The surroundings were beautiful. The lobby, facilities, rooms and dining were great. But could I get a connection in my room? No way. So, when I arrived tired and stressed after a five-hour drive, wanting nothing more than to crash out, have a shower and call my family, I couldn’t. Instead I found myself wandering the deserted halls and lobby of the hotel at nearly midnight, trying to find a cell signal. Not a great experience. And it turned out I wasn’t the only victim. Other folks I spoke to during my stay also had the same problem, regardless of network provider.

Of course, being a high-end resort, the whole place was geared up for the latest technology – 10 years ago. It was all a bit mid-2000s: down to the ethernet connection in the room; and the clunky wifi registration process which didn’t work at all smoothly on my tablet and cell, having been designed for laptop only. They’d polished, refurbished and updated everything except that essential feature guests now expect alongside a great shower, a clean room with comfortable bed and good food: Connectivity.

Is this your situation? Don’t Panic!

The sad part is that the technical problem is easy to fix. The real problem is that some destinations either don’t know they have an issue, or lack the expertise to sort it out once they realise why their TripAdvisor reviews aren’t quite what they should be.

Okay. You can’t move a golf course, conference retreat, lakeside club, country hotel, mountain lodge or outdoor adventure facility. The location is why people go there after all. But guests still have families, business and friends to communicate with. So switched-on venues and resorts now call in experts to install the latest corporate-scale Cell Signal Booster technology. And by doing this, make sure that everyone’s happy and in-touch.

So “Who you gonna call?”

Unlike less technically-competent suppliers, Powerful Signal has a division specialising in resolving larger scale connectivity problems. They’ve helped many corporations overcome these issues and they can help you.

And it needn’t be a big deal.

Once specified by their helpful support team using plain language you’ll understand, less complicated systems can be supplied which can be installed by your own maintenance personnel or local contractor supported by Powerful Signal.

They’ll advise which equipment to buy, supply technical documentation, and be with your people until the system’s in and working properly. Equally, if you need something more sophisticated, such as a passive or Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to service larger-scale multi-floor environments, Powerful Signal can ensure that the equipment they supply is installed professionally by one of their partner specialists. And they will own the project – so you don’t get into a trapped-in-the-middle situation between businesses, each saying your problem is the other guy’s.

Not sure if you need all this?

Have a walk round with your cell and check the number of bars on the display. Ask a few guests if they’re happy with the coverage at your location. You’ll soon find out if you have a problem. And the truth is that you probably already know that there’s a problem of poor or unreliable signal, but don’t know what to do.

And that’s why I wrote this blog.

How long can you manage without installing Cell Booster technology?

As a regular traveller, the ability to get connected has become essential – for my work and for my social life. I can’t afford to be off-grid for long – even if from time to time I really fancy the idea… So the chances are that I won’t be staying again at the five-star resort hotel with golf course I mentioned at the start of this blog, despite the special half-price offer which led me to stay there. In fact, it makes me wonder whether the hotel is having to make special half-price offers to boost numbers because former guests are now looking for better connectivity elsewhere? And as I mentioned, it’s not just me that’s fussy this way: most people now demand a 24/7 connection for work and leisure.

The first question is, therefore: “Can you afford to lose business because of poor signal quality?” Obvious answer: “No.”

Which means that the second question is: “How long can you manage without installing Cell Signal Booster technology?” Next obvious answer: “Only for a short time.”

So now it’s over to you – pick up the phone – you know who you’re gonna call …
All the best ‘til next time,
Jim Carroll

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