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Goal Zero Yeti 150 Power Pack is the Perfect Camping Companion

Many of us don’t want to leave our comforts behind when we go camping.  There is plenty of space in the trunk of the car or back of the pickup truck so why not take a few comforts with us.  The Goal Zero Yeti 150 along with a Trek 28 Solar panel is just the thing.  Enough power to boost up the cell phone, tablet or notebook computer.  Also it’s nice to have some usable light during the evening to review your latest photos on the notebook.

Goal Zero Yeti 150 with Solar PanelThe Goal Zero Yeti 150 has a couple of USB ports for the phones and tablets along with a 110v plug for the larger items like a notebook or small electrical device.  The Yeti 150 also has a port to run the Goal Zero Light-a-Life LED lights which will keep the entire campsite lit for hours.  During the day top off the battery pack with the Trek 28 (28 watt) solar panel to keep you going.

Goal Zero Yeti 150 charaging a phone

Goal Zero Yeti 150

The Goal Zero Yeti 150 is a nice add-on to your camping equipment.  It is not going to run your heater or refrigerator, but it will keep the lights and computer on and the cell phones talking.

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