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Goal Zero Mini Lantern and Light-A-Life Mini

Goal Zero has come out with a couple of great items.  At first I thought that the new Goal Zero Mini Lantern and Light-A-Life Mini were only going to be for backpackers, however, I don’t think that is the case.  The more I use and play with these items I believe that they have a great place in emergency preparedness and just overall camping.  These are full featured products that just so happen to be very compact.  We all like small because we get tired of carrying around so much stuff.  So if you are into backpacking, emergency preparedness, camping, RV’ing, boating, etc. then you should take a look at these new Goal Zero items.

goal zero mini lantern

The Goal Zero Mini Lantern

The mini-lantern is fantastic.  The size is small and the brightness is large.  Another great thing about this rechargeable lantern is that is uses replaceable lithium-ion batteries.  Each battery will power the Mini Lantern 500 hours on the low setting.  Charge the lantern up with any USB cable or one of the Goal Zero Nomad Solar panels.

The Goal Zero Light-a-Life Mini

The Light-a-Life Mini USB light is also small.  This light does not have an internal battery, but it will run off of any USB port allowing any small battery pack like the Goal Zero Flip 10, Sherpa, etc to power the light.  Up to 4 mini lights can be chained together to light up the tent or table.

Goal Zero Light-A-Life Mini

Backpack, Preparedness or Camping

The Mini Lantern and the Light-A-Life Mini are extremely versatile.  Size is everything when it comes to the things you have to carry or pack away.  Goal Zero hit a home run with these units.

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