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Goal Zero Bolt LED Flashlight

Goal Zero Bolt Flashlight

Goal Zero Bolt LED Flashlight

I recently took a trip to Death Valley for a few days to enjoy the desert and get away for awhile.  I stayed at Furnace Creek which is a group of RV parks, hotels, and a golf course.  A very interesting place in itself.

One morning I decided to visit Zabriskie Point a couple of miles away to watch the sunrise.  I found out that before the sun rises, Death Valley is dark, real dark.  I had a Goal Zero Guide 10 Personal Kit with me that had a Goal Zero Bolt Flashlight in it.  I turned the flashlight on when I got the kit, but I had not used it in a real dark situation.  I pulled the flashlight out of the kit, got out of the car and started up the path, turning on the flashlight in a few steps.  Was I every surprised.

The Goal Zero Bolt is a small to medium size flashlight built in a very heavy duty fashion.  It fits easily into your hand or back pocket and has an adjustable beam.  With a simple twist it goes from wide angle to a narrow spot.  The Bolt is rechargeable using any USB port.

Getting back to the walk up to Zabriskie Point at 5:00 am in the cold, dark morning in Death Valley.  The light beam emitted from the Bolt was not an ordinary flashlight.  Whether using the wide angle beam or the narrow beam, the light was extremely focused and because of the lens on the flashlight, the light had huge distance.  I even had a couple of different people that showed up shortly after I got to the top of the trail ask me about the flashlight.

It’s hard to get excited about a flashlight, but if you need light, or you need a compact flashlight, the Goal Zero Bolt should be considered.

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