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6 Reasons why the new iPhone X and Samsung Note 8 Will Drop Calls

You just purchased one of the newest marvels of modern technology, the iPhone X or a Samsung Note 8. You probably have waited patiently for the moment you could peel back the gorgeous packaging and lift your new device from its cradle to hold and cherish. Becoming the owner of the latest new smartphone is fun and exciting, and it’s something you look forward to every couple of years.

What’s not fun, not exciting, and not worth waiting for are the dropped calls your brand new iPhone X or Samsung Note 8 smartphone will certainly experience. So, what’s the deal? Why can’t I make a call with my new marvel of modern technology? Why do I walk down the street and drop a call? Why do I walk into my office and drop a call? Why do I change rooms in my home and drop a call?

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iPhone X and Samsung Note 8 dropping calls

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